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TKM Bengard Farms Takes Home The 2011 Grower Achievement Award

Representatives from TKM Bengard Farms in Belle Glade, FL, were present Wednesday at the United Fresh Washington Public Policy Conference in Washington, DC, to accept American Vegetable Grower’s 10th annual Grower Achievement Award. Noted for being an operation that learned how to adapt to market changes and deliver high-quality lettuce to processors was just one of the reasons TKM Bengard was selected as the 2011 award recipient. This operation also strives for excellence in food safety, maintains efficiences by employing the latest technology, is constantly seeking out new markets for its products, and is involved in the industry, making sure the voice of agriculture is heard.

Toby, Michael, and Brian Basore, three of the farm’s principal players, were present to accept the award at the breakfast session yesterday.

“I was surprised I had a flood of emotions,” said Brian following the award presentation. “We know where we have been and what it has taken to get us to this point. I just wish my dad (Tom Sr.) could have been here to share this moment. He has helped us become who we are, and without a good partner like Bengard Ranch in California, we wouldn’t be able to accomplish what we have over the years.”

Source: Growing Produce, October 5, 2011